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Rules & Awards


A 10 Day Social Media Digital Challenge:

  • Open to all Students in Batch 2020, 2021 and 2022
  • Whoever joins must complete all 5 challenges
  • Criteria of winning - Innovation, Creativity, No. of Likes and No. of Comments. Remember - post must be creative, it should be fresh & innovative when responding the prompt.

AWARDS + Certificate

1st Prize - Rs. 10,000

2nd Prize - Rs. 5,000

For any questions or inquiries related to the contest, please feel free to reach out to us at info@kkmu.edu.in.


KKMU social challenge Submission form

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Day 1 - Challenge

13th of July - Share a photo/video of yourself doing an activity at your favorite place in campus. use hashtag #KKMUcampus

Day 2 - Challenge

15th of July - Your favorite activities at Induction. Talk about your favorite class what did you like about it and why . Hashtag #KKMUclass

Day 3 - Challenge

17th of July - Describe your journey – Your personal story till your selection at KKMU. #KKMUstudent

Day 4 - Challenge

19th of July - Pick one thing about KKMU (it can be about campus, class, facility etc. be creative) #KKMU

Day 5 - Challenge

21st of July - 30 seconds clip on why you think aspiring candidates should join KKMU? Convince new candidates to join KKMU . #WhyKKMU


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