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Different websites have different needs, and our support team is equipped to handle all types of website needs. Our website maintenance services provide optimal performance, enhanced security, and nightly backups. Our WordPress specialists are highly experienced and stay abreast of the latest trends in WordPress technology. The Dukami WordPress support team will ensure your WordPress website remains secure, free of clutter, up-to-date, and optimized for speed. We are available for both one-off tasks and regular maintenance and support services.

Benefits of Having WordPress Maintenance Plan

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Website Performance

At Dukami, we strive to enhance website performance by optimizing speed, uptime, and security, as well as ensuring all software - Core WordPress and Plugins are up to date. We understand the importance of website performance and how it affects customer satisfaction and overall business success.

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Business Growth

At Dukami, we strive to ensure your website's success by providing comprehensive management services, such as content updating, analytics monitoring, and design modifications. These efforts will work to attract more visitors and prospects to your website, leading to increased sales.

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Peace of mind

Having a maintenance plan is like having insurance for your website in the event that your site goes down or becomes vulnerable to malicious attacks. When that happens to your website, you can rest easy knowing that you have a team of professionals at your disposal to bring your website back to life.

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Expert Help

At Dukami, we provide not only website maintenance assistance, but our plans also come with the convenience of being able to connect with WordPress experts. Additionally, we offer consulting calls so we can have conversations about the progress of your website.

WordPress Maintenance Services

Maintaining your website is essential for the success of your business. We are committed to supporting your online presence on a regular basis. Our WordPress Maintenance Packages are crafted to help you grow and maintain your website.

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Theme, Plugin, and WP Core Updates 

We regularly monitor and update your WordPress core, themes, and plugins and making website maintenance hassle-free.

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Mobile and Tablet Responsiveness

We conduct site audits for mobile-friendliness and make necessary changes to ensure proper responsiveness on all existing browsers and display sizes.

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Malware Removal

We specialize in WordPress Malware removal services. Our Perform and above plans provide comprehensive protection against malicious activity and malware on all websites under our care.

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Off-site backups

Rest assured that your data is safe. We provide a secure and reliable backup of your databases and file system to a dependable off-site location.

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Speed optimization

Our technical specialists work to maintain your website's loading times within two seconds. Through comprehensive testing and attention to detail, we guarantee a noticeable improvement in your website's loading speed.

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24/7 Uptime monitoring

Our team offers monitoring services for your site. In the event of a disruption, our developers are fully capable of quickly diagnosing and resolving the issue to ensure your site is operational again as soon as possible.

Dukami Fully Managed Security-min

Fully Managed Security

Our team of experts ensures your website is as close to 100% secure as possible by granting you complimentary access to the iThemes Security Pro premium plugin, which assists users in thwarting hacks, breaches, and malicious software.

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Monthly Reports

Monthly, you will be given a thorough, comprehensive report on all the updates, backups, and security scans that we have implemented.

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Website Edits

30 Minutes Per Month For Other Website Edits & Bug Fixes

Let's Speak About Your Website

For optimal customer satisfaction, it is essential to invest in a speedy, secure, and mobile-friendly website. A slow website will make potential customers abandon your website, so be sure to partner with a WordPress website specialist to create the perfect solution.

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Frequently Asked WordPress Support Questions

Maintaining a WordPress website requires a comprehensive evaluation of the features and performance of the site, including plugins and themes, to guarantee its compliance with current standards. After the assessment, any necessary adjustments and repairs are made to ensure full functionality.

Regular maintenance of a WordPress website is essential to ensure its smooth performance and security. Without it, there is a risk of slow speeds, hacker or malware attacks, and other potential disasters. Dukami's WordPress maintenance services provide you with reliable protection against all potential risks.

Regardless of where your website is hosted, we are happy to work with you. We appreciate that different websites have unique needs and that budgetary concerns may be a factor. However, it is possible that the speed and security requirements you have may not be fully met on a shared hosting provider.

Our WordPress Maintenance plans are complete with Emergency downtime support, allowing us to swiftly restore your website to a prior backup. This expedites getting your website active again, and if further action is necessary to secure or upgrade your website, we will take care of that as well.

Unfortunately, due to our fair-use policy, we cannot roll over or credit your account for any unused portion of website care & maintenance tasks. This policy is implemented to ensure we can to provide the highest level of service to all of our clients by allocating specific time every month for their website care & maintenance.

We would be glad to assist you with this! We can provide you with a quote and await your approval before proceeding with any additional work.


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