Why should your business invest in online paid advertising?

Why your business should invest in online paid advertisinge

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Online paid advertisement is faster way to tap Google traffic and increase the visibility of your website and convert leads faster. There are umpteen benefits of paid advertisements like

1. Faster Reach on Social Media

With more than 2 billion users on social media and most of your targeted customers there, you would off course want to reach the maximum of your target customers. Organically, with efforts you can be visible to a greater section of your target customers in a long time. Compare it with paid advertisement, wherein you just set the target audience filters and reach 40-50% or even more of your prospects in a small time.

2. Much more cost effective than traditional forms of marketing

Online paid advertisements, specifically PPC ads works on a Cost Per Click metric. These are much less expensive than traditional forms of advertising as you are required to pay only when someone clicks on the ad

3. Reaching the right prospects and customers ( precise targeting of prospects)

Online paid advertisements can be precisely targeted to reach the right audience who are probable prospects of your services or products at the right time. Moreover with proper placement of ads, you can ensure that you get the brand visibility you require in a very short time. Owing to the huge prospect of reaching desired audience easily and in their desired time, online paid advertisements has seen a boom in the last few years. Around 84% of B2B marketers use online paid advertisements on Facebook, 41% of them use Google Ads and 18% of them use LinkedIn ads

4. Accurate estimation of the success of the ads

Social Media platforms offer great analytic tools which can help you accurately determine the success of any ad (clicks, impressions, click through rate, conversions and others). You can clearly analyze your ROI, modify the investment in campaigns, set new filters of geo and demographic targeting, based on conclusions of the campaign and even acquire the customer data to set further retargeting campaigns for brand recall and positioning.

Campaign tools like Google Adwords and Facebook Ad manager help you monitor the success of each campaigns with precision and help you close the loopholes in your campaigns to yield better ROI with every following advertisements

5. Allows you the opportunity to reach maximum users across different platforms

Paid advertisements provides you the opportunity to reach out to a huge number of users by simultaneously running ads on multiple channels like

- Facebook
- LinkedIn
- Twitter
- Youtube
- Quora and many more

This allows you to tap into the huge reserve of online traffic and get bulk of leads any time.
- Increases Conversion Rates

Paid advertisements has many benefits like
- Increasing visibility of start-ups in a very small time
- Generate new leads
- Increase conversion of customers etc.

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