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The necessity of efficient e-commerce website design has never been more prominent. As the number of online purchases surges, businesses need to invest more in innovative e-commerce storefronts to connect with their customers.

whether you're starting from scratch or revamping an existing online store, our team of professionals can assist you in achieving success in the online realm. With years of experience in creating powerful e-commerce stores for a myriad of industries, our highly experienced e-commerce website developers strive to maximize the impact of your brand and achieve the goals of your e-commerce website.

We evaluate your market, business goals, and target audience to develop an e-commerce website that will help to optimize your revenue.

Our e-Commerce Development Services

Are you searching for an efficient way to transition your store to other e-commerce systems, redefine your business's online presence, or create a comprehensive e-commerce experience? We are experts in providing top-notch e-commerce solutions.


WooCommerce Development

Do you have an existing WordPress website, or are you looking to develop one? Are you looking to sell products on your website? WooCommerce is the perfect solution for you. This plugin can integrate with other applications, offering a wealth of features that can accommodate any requirement. A wide selection of superb extensions is available, ranging from Stripe payment processing and CRM integration to a variety of shipping choices.

Our experienced team of WooCommerce designers and e-commerce web developers is capable of delivering comprehensive solutions, from custom designs to specialized e-commerce features, to meet any project requirements.


Shopify Store Development

Shopify is a premier e-commerce platform that is designed for ease of use both for customers and for administrators. With an unlimited inventory, bandwidth and customer data, Shopify offers a host of features that make it an ideal platform for integrating social media sales, such as Instagram, with its built-in payment system.

Our experienced Shopify e-commerce experts will guide you through the process of discovery, design, development, and launch, enabling your brand to capitalize on e-commerce success.


Magento eStore Development

Magento is an ideal e-commerce platform for businesses requiring complex integrations or bespoke workflows. It can be used to create custom websites with distinct brand objectives and offers an omnichannel experience for e-commerce business management. No matter the size of your business, the sector you operate in, or the products you offer, Magento can assist in achieving your business objectives.

Our proficient squad of Magento e-commerce developers can execute comprehensive solutions, ranging from custom designs to tailored e-commerce functionalities, to address any project needs.


Custom e-Commerce Development

The emergence of e-commerce websites has revolutionized the way consumers shop and the manner in which businesses promote and distribute their products. If you are a sizable enterprise seeking to create a personalized, professionally branded e-commerce business, Dukami is equipped with the personnel and solutions to reach your objectives on a grand scale.


E-Commerce Site Maintenance

Custom e-commerce development projects call for ongoing optimization and maintenance to ensure optimal performance. We will keep your e-commerce company website updated and optimized, including upgrades to the core e-commerce platform, functionality modifications, and optimization of various elements.

Why choose Dukami as your e-Commerce Web Development Company?

Our e-Commerce web development process

We understand that you have a vision for your business's unique e-commerce website. Creating a successful e-commerce website requires great skill and planning. Our experienced e-commerce team is ready to bring your unique vision for your e-commerce website to life.

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We begin our e-commerce development journey with a discovery call, which enables us to gain an understanding of your goals, needs, current market situation, and competitive environment. Additionally, we take the time to identify and comprehend your desired target audience.


Upon completion of our research, our website strategist will review findings and data and define a strategic plan for desired e-commerce platform. your delegated project manager will present you with the strategic plan.


During the design phase, our skilled in-house design team will create a responsive design for your e-commerce website, allowing you to envision the colors and layout of your concept and make any necessary adjustments. This is where the user experience truly comes to life.


Upon your endorsement of the plan, we will initiate e-commerce development. Our squad of educated developers will employ the latest coding techniques and implement the required capabilities to realize your vision through an e-commerce website.


Following a successful evaluation of both quality and performance, our e-commerce website has been authorized for launch. We take this opportunity to celebrate our achievements and make the website available to the public.

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Our e-commerce development experts shall furnish advice on the suitable platform, design and methodology to accomplish your company's KPIs.


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E-Commerce Web Design & Development FAQs

Our team of experienced developers is proficient in various popular e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, WordPress-based WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, and many more. Additionally, we have created several custom e-commerce software applications tailored to our clients' unique requirements.

At Dukami, we provide custom e-commerce web design services tailored to each customer's unique requirements. We strive to create truly unique digital experiences by following your creative vision and brand guidelines. Our goal is to build a website that reflects the essence of your brand and e-commerce store.

The price of developing an e-commerce website is contingent upon numerous considerations, including the purpose and complexity of the site, its technical performance, features, and timeline. Generally, the cost of creating a high-efficiency e-commerce platform ranges from $10,000 to $25,000+.

Yes, we do. At Dukami, our SEO and e-commerce website optimization strategies are not just about driving website visits - they're about improving sales. Establishing an e-commerce website is a fundamental component of online success, however, for maximum results, our campaigns involve using SEO, PPC, and other marketing channels. Our e-commerce SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) offerings ensure potential customers can locate your website and products conveniently on search engines when they go shopping online.

Dukami is a pioneer in responsive web design, utilizing this technology for years. As mobile sales continue to soar, having a mobile-optimized e-commerce website is essential for a better customer experience. Our web developers guarantee that each website we create will be completely responsive, enabling you to take advantage of this cutting-edge technology.

Our e-commerce websites are all secured using the highest industry standard in encryption, SSL. This allows confidential data to be securely transmitted over the web, ensuring that any intercepted information remains indecipherable. Moreover, all sites are developed with the most up-to-date PCI compliance protocols.


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