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Dukami- Digital Marketing Strategy

A comprehensive digital marketing strategy is essential for accelerating online growth. Without a well-thought-out plan, all of your efforts will be in vain. Creating and executing an effective digital marketing plan can take your business to the next level.

The process of developing a digital marketing strategy involves creating roadmaps and action plans that guide businesses and marketers in achieving their desired brand objectives. This process can be used to achieve a variety of goals, including increasing brand awareness, driving traffic to a website, or generating leads and sales.

Dukami Digital Marketing Agency has the expertise to prepare an effective digital marketing plan for your business to achieve unprecedented levels of success. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, contact us now.

Digital Marketing Growth Formula

Attract interested strangers (Increase traffic)
  • Blog
  • Paid Media
  • Social Media
  • SEO + Keywords
  • Web Pages
Compelling content lures & engages visitors
  • Calls-to-action
  • Landing pages
  • Automation, Forms
  • Contact Us
Automated Workflows convert warm leads into customers
  • Email
  • Workflows
  • Lead scoring
  • CRM
Nurture & need customers into brand loyalists and advocates
  • Social Media
  • Smart calls-to-action
  • Email
  • Workflows

Digital Marketing Strategy Development Services

A comprehensive digital marketing plan requires an array of services to be successful. As such, when selecting a partner to assist with your digital marketing strategy, it is imperative that they possess expertise in the following areas to ensure the optimal marketing plan.


Website Audit

A site audit is an essential element of any digital marketing plan. Our digital company performs a comprehensive web audit to establish your business's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT). This encompasses market gap analysis, website SEO analysis, site security audit, and competitor website audit. Our website audit experts also investigate other elements, such as duplicate content, negative SEO practices, and backlink profile. These website audit services are designed to pinpoint potential issues and solutions that can produce prompt, desired business results.

Dukami Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy

Maximize your reach and visibility by leveraging the right social media channels with Dukami's tailor-made B2B and B2C social media marketing plan. Our social media strategy agency will assess your current social media marketing strategy, analyze competitive market analysis, and create a comprehensive social media marketing plan to bring your brand to the forefront of your target audience.

Dukami Franchise Marketing Strategy

Franchise Marketing Strategy

Our enterprise marketing strategy agency is equipped to develop a unified enterprise SEO and franchise marketing plan for your multiple-location business. We will identify your brand identity and craft franchise marketing strategy guidelines to guarantee uniformity throughout your service locations. Our team of professionals has the experience and expertise necessary to create a successful enterprise and franchise strategy.

Dukami SEO Strategy

SEO Strategy

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a key element of your digital marketing strategy. By improving your website's standing on search engines, you ensure that your website is more visible and accessible to ideal customers. This not only increases customer experience and rank for your company but also expands your company's overall reach and online presence.

Dukami KPI Analysis

KPI Analysis

KPI, or key performance indicator, is a key metric used to gauge the success of your digital marketing strategy. A competent marketing agency will work with you to determine the KPIs, set targets and milestones for your campaign, and measure progress along the way to ensure that it is achieving your desired digital marketing goals.

Dukami PPC Strategy

PPC Strategy

At our PPC Advertising strategy agency, we provide comprehensive assistance to businesses in developing a successful Google Adwords and Facebook Ads strategy, as well as performing PPC audits. We have extensive experience in helping hundreds of companies structure their PPC approach, leading to successful Adwords campaigns. Contact us today to discuss the development of your PPC strategy, including the creation of measurable objectives and budgetary considerations.

Dukami SEO Keyword Strategy

SEO Keyword Strategy

A successful SEO keyword strategy is an effective way to connect your brand with your target customer and extend your target market reach. Our SEO and strategy specialists utilize advanced SEO audit and keyword research tools to identify high-performing, brand-oriented keywords and classify search phrases according to their relevance. In order to authenticate our SEO keyword plan and ensure it is strengthened by evidence, we audit each website we optimize.

Dukami Ecommerce Strategy

E-Commerce Strategy

E-commerce presents businesses with a range of opportunities, yet few have the requisite insight to leverage their full potential. When constructing your e-commerce strategy, it's critical that you choose a marketing agency with experience in e-commerce optimization. This way, you can not only solidify your social media presence and digital presence but also develop your e-commerce business with different strategies, like e-commerce SEO, web design, and PPC.

Dukami Local business Marketing Strategy

Local business Marketing Strategy

To engage the local market, it is essential to develop a well-thought-out local marketing strategy. Dukami has the expertise to create an effective local strategy that brings your business to potential customers and achieves the desired results.

"In today's digital world, an effective digital marketing strategy is the key to success for your business."


Digital Marketing Expert

Dukami Digital Marketing Expert

Why Choose Dukami as Your Digital Marketing Strategy Development Agency?

The formation of a comprehensive digital marketing plan is essential for success. Through careful assessment and investigation, both qualitative and quantitative, a customized approach can be developed that will help your business achieve its objectives and reach its desired destination.

Multidisciplinary Team

Comprising a team of digital marketing specialists, our agency provides professional services in various areas of strategy development. This includes B2B social media strategy, AdWords strategy, Shopify marketing strategy, and SEO audit service to many different industries. Our extensive, diverse, multi-year exposure and understanding of digital marketing trends allow us to devise pioneering digital marketing tactics to expand your business.

Holistic Strategy Approach

At Dukami, we understand that an effective digital marketing strategy is key to putting a successful business ahead of its competitors. This is why we make sure to cover all aspects of your brand marketing - SEO, social media marketing, paid ads, content marketing, and marketing automation. By doing this, we can prepare a custom holistic marketing strategy for your business that will achieve your business goals.

Flexible Pricing

We can tailor a pricing plan to fit the individual requirements, specifications, and budget of your business. You can select from a fixed fee, hourly rate, or monthly retainer fee, depending on your project and needs.

Proven Track Record

At Dukami, our internet marketing strategy consultant performs a comprehensive digital marketing audit, evaluates the findings, pinpoints any problem areas, forecasts future growth, and develops strategic plans to guide you through your digital marketing roadmap. We've helped a lot of business owners over the years with their marketing plans, social media strategies, email marketing strategies, online advertising strategies, corporate marketing strategies, content strategies, digital strategies, and other services. We know what works and what doesn't, so let us help you create a marketing strategy that will get results.

Complimentary Digital Marketing Audit

Our Digital Marketing experts will analyze your website and provide a comprehensive report with issues, opportunities, and tips for improvement.

Dukami Digital Marketing Audit

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