Why Custom Website Designs?

You must have heard when it comes to web designing you need to just get a very good template and your half work is done. Well, in reality, the case is not so. Do you think that just filling in the content on automated spaces and using an appealing template will have the same effect as a website built from scratch? Of course No.

Your company is unique, the services/products it is offering are unique, the brand message is unique and the propositions you would like to highlight is unique. So, unless and until you build the entire website to showcase the uniqueness of the organization and customize the elements to reflect the message in your way, your website is not going to appeal to your target audience.

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Custom Built Website; The benefits


The disadvantage of a template based design is that you have limited features and you might not get those features required by your kind of services/products. A custom built website can be easily extended to include various new pages, product categories and sections and truly reflect the essence of your brand.The multiple benefits of Custom Website Design are..

  • Created around the needs of your business

  • Completely Customizable

  • Much better User Experience

  • Highly Scalable

  • Much more secure than template built

  • Easy integration with third party services

  • Have potentials for higher ROI

How Custom Codes are better for your website?

  • Custom codes on the website are better than pre-built codes of the templates. You can always leave some room for further coding if you want to add new features to the custom website. This option is generally not available with purchased theme-based websites.

  • There may be a lot of redundant or useless codes on template-based websites that would add up to nothing but decreasing your rendering speed and the page loading speed.

  • The biggest advantage of a custom website is that it is hard to imitate or copy, thereby helping you create an exclusive impression in the market which has thousands of generic templates and themes flooding the online world. So, even if the investment in custom websites is a bit higher, they assure better appeal, better compatibility with your target audience, and higher conversions.


Our Custom Website Designing Services

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Analyzing the Requirements

  • Analyzing the business requirements

  • Analyzing the online goal of the organization

  • Analyzing the visual impact to be created through website

  • Analyzing other design requirements

Building the Custom Website

  • Creating Custom Codes for the entire website design

  • Customizing colours, shades, typography, layouts

  • Custom built headers, footers and navigation elements

  • Custom built carousels, blocks, sliders, search buttons

  • Custom built menus, sections, lists, forms, CTAs

  • Custom built review pages and a lot more

  • Customizing colours, shades, typography, layouts

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