Should dentists use Social Media?

Should Dentists Use Social Media

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If you are that complacent person who is fine with the number of patients coming to your clinic or hospital then you don't need to. But if you expect a steady rise in the list of your clients or people who consult you for all dentist needs, you must go in for social media marketing. The best part is that you need not invest a hefty amount to increase your client list. just a small investment with the right company like Dukami and every week, the number of your customers will go on increasing. You can reach your target customers in much lower price than you can reach through other traditional modes of marketing and advertising. lets analyze how social media marketing helps your business grow.

Social Media Marketing

(a) Social Media Marketing increases your visibility among your target customers
1.84 billion users visit face book every day. there are 310 active users of LinkedIn every month. Majority of your probable customers have their accounts on these social media platforms. So, if you are active in promoting your business on social media, you are reaching out to all your prospects

(b) Know more about what people think of your dentist practice
Patients can leave review, ratings and comments on your social media page which would help you to know how effective your practice is for the patients. Not only that positive reviews and ratings will increase your popularity among the social network and you are more likely to be referred when people are searching for dental service.

(c) Easy to drive traffic to your dental site
It becomes quite easy to drive referral traffic from social media platforms to your website if you engage in solid social media marketing techniques.

(d) Join Dental Groups and let your network grow
There are many dental groups on social media. You can join these groups and be known among your fraternity on social media. Not only that, these groups further serve to promote your posts and maximize the reach of your posts and network. You can create a consultation button on your profile to connect with patients and prospects.

(e) Make your business more searchable
You can include the map of your location along with the daily hours and the days of your practice. This would help your business be more searchable.

(f) Social Media establishes your credibility and authority
You can share various aspects of your dental service on social media and allow patients and prospects to know more about your dental practice. You can share your success stories which would help build your credibility and authority in the niche. Even the knowledge that you post about oral health goes into increasing your reputation in the network.

(g) Your competitors are going great on social media
All your competitors are affording social media to grow their client list. They are being visible in front of prospects and interacting through social media day in and day out. So, it is quite a foolery to leave massive source of traffic on social media out of your business.

There are multiple other reasons why a dentist should invest in social media marketing.


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